The most agile in construction

At Iranian Atlas Namak Abroud, having a young and expert team and with the help of our management team's work experience, we are busy finding solutions to optimize and speed up all processes in the construction industry. In addition to the ever-increasing development of the services of Atlas Namak Abroud Iranians, our main field of activity is the provision of construction services such as design, implementation, and supervision.

Young, agile and ambitious
High speed and motivation is one of the most important criteria in providing construction services that can only be implemented by a young team because what is going on in young minds has an effective solution to solve any problem. We are proud to announce Atlas Namak Abroud Iranians as a "young" team. Iranian Atlas Namak Abroud has always tried to provide the highest quality services to its customers by building an efficient and motivated team of young experts and fresh people.
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Mazandaran, Namak Abroud, in front of Police Road, Iranian Atlas Namak Abroud